by Lake South



Gotta look away for a minute
got a lump in my throat
think of what it is and what it isn't

Is it me, is it mine, is it right, is it time?

I've been living the good life
the good life in god's own
I've been doing what I like

It's not me, it's not mine, it's not right, it's not time.

Why you asking me questions?
I was born on the coast!
why's there always a lesson?

You're history, you're present, you're owner, you're tenant.

Always try to define it
it is joy, it is ache
you've got to feel it to find it

It is love.


released April 27, 2020
Mastered by Al Green.
Bass by Eddie Crawshaw.
BVs by Penelope Esplin



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