by Lake South

I'll let everyone laugh this time because I'm so so tired love and we'll never own our own home because the wealthy bought all the land I'm just a shadow of a good keen man. Will you love me when I've lost it all? because I don't know if I can love at all and I'm weighed down with this student loan and seems I need a fucking smart phone. When we were young we dreamed of golden sands I'd finish school then be a man but that's bullshit because we never can. And it feels like home but it's just my homepage you look like my girl but you're just my home girl. In my heart it would never last oh my god it has come to pass And the words you said have all come true but I just want to send a text to you I've been wasting time with art-land friends I want to love you all over again.



released May 12, 2014



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