South Coast

by Lake South



First single from the forthcoming album: WELLINGTON | TE UPOKO O TE IKA - released August 2019.


Bloody nice to see you
after all of these years
Heartbreak and healing
and fleeing the fear

Breathe in that harbour
we know the weather
Talk shit bout friendship
never knew better

Oh I know your mind
oh i know the night
and we all got secrets covered
Oh I know your mind
oh i know the night
funny what we keep alive

Bloody good to know you
time makes these things heavy
drive to the south coast
all that smoke and worry

and we never risk it
Peace in a parked car
pull your head in pākehā

Never forget the ocean
never regret a swim
and we all had secret lovers
Scream that we always loved it
the first place we got high
funny what we keep alive
it's funny what we keep alive

We are history love
We intertwine


released May 24, 2019
Backing vocals by Penelope Esplin
Mastered by Rich Morales @ Super Fine Audio



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