Wellington | Te Upoko O Te Ika

by Lake South

You know our mate from school? He's got a kid And a family home just before Karori West Me I'm still the same I'm never gonna let up Made a resolution to be my best in years I’ve got one hand to hold on Another one to reach out Still got that debt Still got that doubt Still got regret talking me round Another temporary job Come to an end And now I'm questioning if I'm worth a buck again Spend all my days on a screen And all my nights on another Tell me take life easy, there’s comfort in TV I’ve got one hand to hold on Another one to reach out Still got that flat Still got that shirt Still got your back ‘cause you and me work We don't need to know where we're going The purest love of all is in memory We all fled the harbour For to live it up Gotta leave it to love it, you feel it can be enough Me I'm just the same I'm never gonna let up Made a resolution to be my best in years
You stayed for the summer Looking back it was a good one And I miss all my flatmates There are good people everywhere It was just round the corner From my parents’ heartache Took wine from the downstairs And drank at the Basin Mt Victoria Felt everything strongly And crying came easily When you fall it's forever But you must fall together We stood in the backyard And I asked how could it end like this mate? I was so glad to hear you say There are good people everywhere Mt Victoria We ran to the summit, cried for our lovers We drank to a future, long been forgotten We watch what it is coming, and feel what is blowing Stand there defiant, in the gales of the Cook Strait You moved to Melbourne I took the tunnel And tried for the nth time To sort all my shit out Make mother proud now Life could be simple Life could be beauty You and I are passionate But there's a mountain between us Mt Victoria
South Coast 03:13
Bloody nice to see you after all of these years Heartbreak and healing And fleeing the fear Breathe in that harbour we know the weather Talk shit bout friendship never knew better Oh I know your mind oh i know the night And we all got secrets covered Oh I know your mind oh i know the night funny what you keep alive Bloody good to know you time makes these things heavy Drive to the south coast all that smoke and worry Idealistic and we never risk it peace in a parked car Pull your head in pākehā Never forget the ocean never regret a swim and we all had secret lovers Scream that we always loved it The first place we got high it's funny what you keep alive We are history love We intertwine
Island Bay 03:32
I can hear music As I walk without grace through back blocks of gorse I’m nothing here I know the hills I know the wind I feel it blowing me I found a path Steep and unclear I climb it to comprehend Chorus It took me so long to realise happiness So long to get a grip on this Finally I learned to look back And know the good in that I can hear Saturday Cheers in the fields Of mud, boots and battles inherited I know the game A clash in the dirt The liniment lingering Body on the line We keep it inside The quiet of the car Chorus A window at Island Bay We’re warm as we watch the storm throw the ferry across the waves I knew the truth I buried it deep In the cold iron sand of the beach I fear the tide Even now in my prime I’m more cold than kind
Must be around 6 it’s grey outside A confusing light A confusing night I’m all stuck in a loop Why’d I say that shit? Good friends forgive and drunk friends forget. Now I wander down Mt Victoria Tried to sleep but I’ll never get peace like this. You only get one story. I’m creeping slow I’m walking funny This isn’t right I’m so alone Something's changed I cannot deal with it Something’s gone I can feel it Was this trip a filter for clarity and what do we do everything that gets stuck? Skip to an apartment in Canada I can see you talking but I’m think I’m falling! You only get one story. Mike won’t wake up and where did you go? Weren’t we all in this together? And I can still feel the anxiety Of that morning in my home city I wish I could love unconditionally And tell all my friends what they mean to me I wish I was stronger and less afraid I wish it’d worked and I wish we’d stayed. We've only got one story. And we tell it again and again. I go back and lie in my bed on the floor I close my eyes and return to it When I hold on I hold on too tightly When let go I let go too quick I was so sure we uncovered truth I just can’t recall why we cared Now I’m searching for meaning in moments gone But they meant nothing, there’s nothing wrong
You’re like me, you’re just hanging on till Friday It’s been a long week, it’s been a long year Good friends share and good friends keep a little back Snow’ll fall tomorrow, never let the wonder go Chorus I left everything I built to crumble Wasting in Wellington Let it go Been thinking ‘bout Dad & everyone living on a fault line It’s all so clear when life shines through the internet Let’s lie here and talk a little ‘bout Auckland We took your mother’s car and drove it out to Piha beach Chorus And work’s been rough, but we got something to talk about I will whisper you to sleep my love, with words of gratitude and warmth There’s a certain kind of weight that brings you down on a Sunday There’s a beauty in it though, it’s a cosy kind of sorrow
There is sun on the south side of the valley There’s a magic at dawn The karaoke's closed so we head for the hills, got to keep this thing going. In your eyes I saw Where’d you get to that year? Shit got kinda dark but it was sacred at the start When I held you up like that. And we watch from above There’s a magic with height There was meaning and warmth on those hills in the light, we were close We could welcome the day as we hid from our jobs and the fear. I’ll reply to your email Where’d you get to my friend? I took a path I regret, you wish you took it too friend Yours looks good on paper, mine looks good on screen. Now I’m running up that track behind Holloway Road feeling lighter. Now I’m running up that track behind Holloway Road feeling lighter. Now I'm running up.
Old Man South, he will not go out in the rain But he loves you, and he’d love you, to love as well Just let your friend get some rest before the game We’ve all been there, and we’ll all go there again You have been following the news on the online And it makes you cry, you feel sorry inside You must not scroll, it will only cause you pain We’ve all been there, and we’ll all go there again On your laptop in your room you are yourself We’re afraid of almost everything offline Except the things that matter, the lives that shatter away Write this day off, Old Man South would do the same We’ve all been there, and we’ll all go there again
I'm a bit different Don't like to talk that much But I like to hold you Let me sleep like that You get up early I like to lie and watch you wake Dress in artificial light We’re still both a little shy You taught me gratitude Now I thank you every single day And I hold my head up Let me walk like that Worried ‘bout friendship Worried ‘bout future and all that shit I can't control this, aren't we still kids? No we’re grown up And we’ve grown up here Smell the summer rain On the asphalt road Don’t ever go back And you can keep it Show me skateboard scars Talk of Royal Oak We can share it We can keep it
Makara 03:51
I hate to ask it but will you hold me? The circle is breaking I woke with smokes in my pocket, I’m losing it love The circle is breaking These hands are old Are these hands mine? Chorus All your hopes like skimming stones Now rest beneath Take your mind to Makara And let it breathe We left that house, we left it all behind there New place new start eh? I cannot speak, it’s all become so strange to me These people are lonely
Can you blame us? We are tired And we have lost belief in dream Will you show us? We are stumbling And we will take these times to heart It was in the crypt that we wrote the script We could see the truth in the coloured smoke It’s an ancient rite so the future spoke We would lose a home and gain a hope Chorus Hang on you’re on your own now Hang on you’re on your own now Hang on you’re on your own On your own now buddy Brother told me You create love And it all begins anew I saw words sprayed At the Valve bar I would learn those lines by rote Chorus In the weekend we woke up In search of some substance In great fields of silence We screamed to the suburb You have swallowed our father! You have taken our mother! We were subsumed by boredom But soon we will go! Soon we will go! And ride the bus down to the sea


released August 2, 2019

Postcard images by Nick Salmon, except Royal Oak by Komako Silver.

All songs written, arranged, recorded & produced by Lake South.

Mastered by Rich Morales at Super Fine Audio.

All sound made by Lake except:

Alistair Deverick: recorded and performed live drums and some percussion.

Phill Jones: bass on 10
backing vocals on 2,4,5,9,10,11
marimba on 1, 4
electric guitar on 2, 11, 8
keyboard solo on 11.

Penelope Esplin: backing vocals on all tracks.

Charles Davenport: cello on 1.

Tristan Carter: violin on 1.

Vorn Colgan: backing vocals on 2,4,11.

Ben Tolich: piano on 1,2.

Andrew Hayes: piano riff on 1.

Invaluable advice and direction from Vorn Colgan and Phill Jones.

Thanks to the Home Alone Music team.



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