Ellice Street (One Story)

from Wellington | Te Upoko O Te Ika by Lake South



Must be around 6
it’s grey outside
A confusing light
A confusing night
I’m all stuck in a loop
Why’d I say that shit?
Good friends forgive
and drunk friends forget.

Now I wander down Mt Victoria
Tried to sleep but I’ll never get peace like this.

You only get one story.

I’m creeping slow I’m walking funny
This isn’t right I’m so alone
Something's changed I cannot deal with it
Something’s gone I can feel it
Was this trip a filter for clarity and what do we do everything that gets stuck?
Skip to an apartment in Canada
I can see you talking but I’m think I’m falling!

You only get one story.

Mike won’t wake up and where did you go?
Weren’t we all in this together?
And I can still feel the anxiety
Of that morning in my home city
I wish I could love unconditionally
And tell all my friends what they mean to me
I wish I was stronger and less afraid
I wish it’d worked and I wish we’d stayed.

We've only got one story.
And we tell it again and again.

I go back and lie in my bed on the floor
I close my eyes and return to it
When I hold on I hold on too tightly
When let go I let go too quick
I was so sure we uncovered truth
I just can’t recall why we cared
Now I’m searching for meaning in moments gone
But they meant nothing, there’s nothing wrong


from Wellington | Te Upoko O Te Ika, released August 2, 2019



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